South Wales Property Meet

The South Wales Property Meet

6th March 2024

Unlocking Opportunities, Building Futures: The South Wales Property Meet!


Who should attend the SWPM? Anyone looking to invest in property in South Wales should attend this event. If you are an investor and want to be in tune with the current market, you should attend this event. If you want to rub shoulders with like-minded people, be inspired and share ideas with those who are successful in property, you should attend. For all those who are either new property and looking to get started, or are seasoned investors… book on and be informed at the South Wales Property Meet.

January's Guest Speakers


Adam Wale

Adam has worked as a physiotherapist for over ten years. His experience in this field has enabled him to develop the ability to evaluate a problem and make decisions quickly and accurately.

Alongside managing Åben’s properties, Adam spends his time coordinating on building and renovation projects for other property developers. Adam has experience with managing a large team of people as well as the running of a fast-paced, demanding ward. He co-ordinates people and tasks to play with each team members strengths and ensure the best possible outcome.


Katie Hutt

Katie is a local property developer who works together with her husband’s build team Revive, in and around CardiffKatie has secured more than £2.5M in private finance towards their projects and is passionate about the opportunities that property can create for both individuals and families. Having benefitted first hand from the freedom and flexibility that their own property business has provided for their family, Katie qualified last year as a Results Coach & now also supports others to develop their own property businesses in order to live the life that they choose.


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