South Wales Property Meet

The South Wales Property Meet

7th August 2024

Unlocking Opportunities, Building Futures: The South Wales Property Meet!


Who should attend the SWPM? Anyone looking to invest in property in South Wales should attend this event. If you are an investor and want to be in tune with the current market, you should attend this event. If you want to rub shoulders with like-minded people, be inspired and share ideas with those who are successful in property, you should attend. For all those who are either new property and looking to get started, or are seasoned investors… book on and be informed at the South Wales Property Meet.

June Guest Speakers

Ben L

Ben Lowrey

Ben Lowrey is a creative entrepreneur who began attending the South Wales Property Meet in 2019 and ventured into property development in 2020, utilizing innovative finance methods such as Lease Option, Vendor Finance, and Joint Ventures.

Ben’s eclectic career includes roles as a professional guitarist, handstand teacher, fire juggler, and fitness instructor.

Beyond property, he organizes Well-Being retreats for groups of 25 people three times a year and operates a Hen Party entertainment agency that manages approximately 250 bookings annually.


ryan eastley

Ryan Eastley

Ryan Eastley, a 29-year-old property investor, has nearly five years of experience in the industry and has been working full-time for almost three years.

He has successfully built a six-figure bespoke property investment company for other investors and has also grown his own portfolio through his holding company.

His presentation delves into the slow beginnings of starting a sourcing company, the significant growth that can occur when collaborating with the right people, and how focusing on meeting clients’ needs can ultimately help achieve personal goals.


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